United States Department of Veterans Affairs

The VA Claims Processing Center (CPC)

About the CPC

image of women with a phone headsetThe VA Claims Processing Center (CPC) is assisting VA with development of claims. They are working closely with our regional offices and are approved VA representatives. They may be contacting you for information about your claim.

The CPC will only be processing:
  • Claims for increase
  • Original claims for compensation
  • Original claims for pension
  • Dependency claims

Contact Info:
VA Claims Processing Center
PO Box 6513
London, KY 40742
How will I know if the CPC is developing my claim? 
You will be notified by a letter or phone call.

What do I do if the CPC requests infomation?
Send the information directly to the CPC at VA Claims Processing Center, PO Box 6513, London, KY 40742. Do not send this information to the regional office.
Does this change the role of my regional office?

The regional office will continue to handle the majority of claims and claims that require special handling. All final rating decisions will be made by a VA Rating Veterans Service Representative, not the VA CPC.
Can I file a claim directly with the CPC?

No. All claims are submitted to your nearest regional office. The regional office then submits claims to the CPC for processing.

Where is my nearest VA regional office?
You can find your nearest regional office on our Locations page.

Will the CPC process my claim more quickly?

There is no guarantee your claim will be processed more quickly by the CPC. The time it takes to process a claim can vary greatly depending on the type of claim and evidence needed to support the claim.

Can I file a new claim if I have a claim pending that is being processed by the CPC?

Yes. You can submit a new claim to your nearest regional office.

I recently received a letter from the regional office but I sent a new claim directly to the VA CPC. Why isn’t the VA CPC working this claim?
The VA CPC will only work the initial claim sent to them by the regional office. If you filed an additional claim, the regional office will process it. You may receive letters or phone calls from both the VA CPC and the regional office. Be sure to send the requested information to the office that requested it.

Will the CPC be in contact with the Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs)?
VSOs will be kept apprised of actions taken on your claim including whether it is being processes by the VA CPC. They will receive a copy of all correspondence and will be able to check the status of a claim as usual.