United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Philadelphia VA Regional Office & Insurance Center (VAROIC)

About the VAROIC

The Philadelphia VA Regional Office and Insurance Center (VAROIC) is the largest Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) field station, providing the full range of VA benefits and services to more than 796,000 veterans residing in the eastern 40 counties of Pennsylvania and the 7 southern counties of New Jersey. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has several programs and offices here at the VAROIC. Located together under one roof are a Regional Office which provides various services, both local an nationwide, an Insurance Center, an Information Technology Center (ITC), and the Memorial Service Network Region 1 area office of the National Cemetery Administration.

Pension Management Center

Philadelphia’s Pension Management Center (PMC) is one of three PMCs in the United States.

The Philadelphia PMC’s primary responsibilities include:

  • The processing and administration of the VA Pension program.
  • The processing and administration of the VA Dependency Indemnity Compensation (DIC) program.
  • The processing of claims for burial benefits and accrued benefits. 

For the above programs and benefits, the Philadelphia PMC has jurisdiction over all the claims for Veterans and beneficiaries in the 21 eastern states of the United States, Puerto Rico and all foreign countries, with the exception of those countries in Central and South America.

Most recently, the Philadelphia PMC is now responsible for the processing of claims for dual benefits (claims which are submitted for both Pension and Compensation) for those Veterans who reside within the Philadelphia Veterans Service Center’s jurisdictions.

National Pension Call Center
The Philadelphia PMC also includes the National Pension Call Center (NPCC).  This call center handles all of the telephone inquiries related to the above benefits for Veterans and other claimants not only in the Philadelphia PMC jurisdiction but also for those in the Milwaukee and St. Paul PMC jurisdictions. You may call the NPCC toll-free at 1-877-294-6380. Representatives are available from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Eastern time), Monday - Friday.

National Call Center

The Philadelphia Regional Office and Insurance Center was one of eight offices selected to build a National Call Center for the Veterans Benefits Administration’s toll free number. The National Call Center was established to centralize nationwide toll-free activity for Veterans and their dependents. The National Call Center began taking calls in December 2007.   The Philadelphia office alone answers an average of 2,549 calls per day.
Assistance available from our toll-free number includes a full range of Veterans benefits programs including compensation, pension, education, vocational rehabilitation, home loan, and insurance benefits. Our Legal Administrative Specialists also perform duties such as change of addresses and direct deposit, assistance with VA forms, and individual guidance with the claim process.

The National Call center can be reached at 1-800-827-1000 between the hours of 7am and 7pm Eastern Standard Time.

Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment

The Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) Division provides services to Veterans with service connected disabilities who meet the eligibility requirements. The mission of VR&E is to help participants prepare for, find, and keep suitable jobs. For Veterans with service-connected disabilities so severe that they cannot immediately consider work, VR&E offers services to improve their ability to live as independently as possible. We can provide case management services to those eligible veterans electing Chapter 30 Montgomery GI Bill benefits.  Vocational and career counseling is available to service members who are within 6 months of discharge or up to one year after discharge (Ch. 36); and to eligible dependents and spouses (Ch. 35). In some situations, specialized vocational or restorative training may be available for eligible dependents (Ch. 35). VR&E also provides services to eligible dependents under the Chapter 18, Spina Bifida Program.

Veterans Service Center

The Veterans Service Center administers the Compensation Program for veterans and their dependents in the 40 counties of eastern Pennsylvania. The Division also has a Resource Center. In addition, the Division is responsible for determining eligibility for certain benefits and services provided by Insurance, the Veterans Health Administration, and the National Cemetery Administration. Finally, in 2003, the Division began to remotely manage C&P operations in Wilmington and to process claims for veterans living in the 7 southernmost counties of New Jersey.

Insurance Center

The Insurance Center is responsible for the overall national administration of VA's life insurance programs. The Insurance activities located at this office include the Insurance Service (“Headquarters”), the Insurance Claims Division, and the Policyholders Services Division. The two insurance divisions are responsible for the maintenance of 1.2 million insurance policies for 1 million policyholders. The Insurance Service has policy-making responsibility for the VA Life Insurance programs. Overall, the Center supervises and administers $1.3 trillion in insurance coverage for 3.9 million service members and veterans and 3.2 million spouses and children. Follow this link to visit the Insurance Service web site. You may also us call toll-free at 1-800-669-8477. Insurance Specialists are available to speak with you from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM (Eastern time), Monday - Friday and an after hours/weekends messaging system is available.

Information Technology Center

The Philadelphia Information Technology Center (ITC) is one of three corporate data centers within the Office of Information and Technology providing IT services throughout the VA. The ITC is responsible for the implementation, operation and maintenance of information systems that assist VA Regional Offices (ROs), the Insurance Center and Medical Centers in providing benefits and medical care to the nation’s veterans and their families. The ITC provides information technology services to the VBA nationwide for the Veterans Insurance System, enterprise E-mail, wide-area network communications, and web applications for veteran’s benefits. The ITC operates the Information Technology Support Center (ITSC), which is the VBA’s help desk and provides problem resolution and escalation support for all VBA organizations.

The ITC manages sophisticated computers, servers, and network systems, along with a variety of peripheral equipment and an extensive suite of software to provide these services. The ITC is the disaster recovery site for the Benefits Delivery Network (BDN) that is managed by the Hines ITC and mainframe applications such as FMS, PAID and BIRLS managed by the Austin Information Technology Center. Joint disaster recovery exercises for the Insurance Payment System, BDN and web applications are conducted on a yearly basis.

National Cemetery Administration

The Memorial Service Network is responsible for the overall administration, operation, and supervision of 307 employees, 33 National Cemeteries and 12 Soldiers' Lots, Plots, and Monuments located in 13 Northeastern states.  The Directors of the National Cemeteries arrange for interment services for veterans and their eligible family members, perpetual care of all gravesites and maintain each cemetery as a National Shrine.   Other services provided by the National Cemetery Administration include:  construction of new national cemeteries and the expansion of existing national cemeteries; acquisition and transportation of headstones and markers for veterans interred in National, State and private cemeteries in the United States and around the world; the preparation and distribution of Presidential Memorial Certificates; and grants to aid states in establishing or expanding State Veterans' Cemeteries.