Native American
Direct Loan Program



Loans up to $417,000 available to


      Purchase or construct a home on Native American trust land;

      Purchase a manufactured home that is/will be affixed to a permanent foundation on Native American trust land; or

      Refinance an existing Native American Direct Loan to lower the interest rate.




About the program

Many of our nations veterans are Native American. In the past, most mortgage lenders were reluctant to make loans on trust lands because of certain title restrictions. In 1992, the Native American Direct Loan Program was created specifically to assist veterans who wanted to obtain a home loan on trust land. In 2006, VA committed just over $5.7 million for Native American Direct Loans nationwide. Now, VA is able to directly lend up to $417,000, or the appraised value (whichever is less).



Why choose a Native American Direct Loan?


      No down payment required

      No private mortgage insurance

      Minimal closing costs

      Generally lower interest rates than conventional mortgages

      No prepayment penalties

      Veterans in receipt of VA Compensation may elect to have their mortgage payments directly deducted from their compensation.



Who May Apply

Native American veterans, or any veteran who is married to a Native American non-veteran, who reside on trust land and have meaningful interest in the dwelling or lot. Veterans must meet the same time in service requirements as the regular VA Home Loan program and have available home loan entitlement. (Submit VA Form 26-1880, Request for Determination of Eligibility, along with your proof of service to your local VA office.)

Loan Requirements

      There must be an approved Memorandum of Understanding between the tribal organization and VA.

      The veteran must occupy, or intend to occupy the property within a reasonable time.

      The veteran (and spouse) must be deemed a satisfactory credit risk and have sufficient income to meet the monthly mortgage payments as well as any other debts or obligations.


Typical Loan Closing Fees

      Appraisal and any Inspection Fees

      Title/Escrow Fees

      Hazard Insurance Premiums

      Pre-paid Interest

      VA Funding Fee (1.25 2 percent of the loan amount)

o       May be included in loan amount. Certain veterans may be exempt from paying this fee.


Contact your local Housing Authority or VA office to apply.



For More Information


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