United States Department of Veterans Affairs


Houston Regional Loan Office

Loan Production - Contact Number (713) 383-1853

Loan Production addresses issues pertaining to veterans eligibility, underwriting of the loan, and general information on home loan benefits. To include:


Loan Administration - Contact Number (713) 383-1852

Loan Administration is responsible for providing assistance to veteran homeowners who are having problems making payments or need assistance with their loan. If you have a VA home loan and need assistance helpful information can be found in this section.


Construction and Valuation - Contact Number (713) 383-1855

Construction and Valuation (C&V) is also known as the "Appraisal" section. C&V is responsible for valuing VA Properties. Issues with appraisals or questions pertaining to the construction or property requirements of the VA can be found in this section.


Specially Adapted Housing - Contact Number (713) 383-1858

Construction and Valuation (C&V) includes a section for Specially Adapted Housing. The Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) Program was established to help disabled veterans obtain adapted housing or modify exsisitng housing to accomodate disabilities.