United States Department of Veterans Affairs

ADVISOR Program (Version 6.0)

ADVISOR is for VA employees and VSOs only, and is not intended for veterans and their dependents.

ADVISOR is a web-based training program that covers the following VA benefits programs: Disability compensation; pension; death benefits; education; vocational rehabilitation; medical/dental; insurance; and loan guaranty. Each module includes training on eligibility requirements, application procedures, claims processing, and rates of payment.

ADVISOR is a training tool for Veteran Service Representatives (VSRs) who work at the VBA regional offices, and Veterans' Service Organization (VSO) representatives. ADVISOR is accessible to users from the VBA internet site: http://www.vba.va.gov/bln/21/advisor/runtime/. It allows users to learn facts about veterans' benefits and since the program is delivered through the computer, users can learn about veterans' benefits without leaving the office or the desk. ADVISOR also includes questions and scenarios to provide users with the ability to test their knowledge of content areas.

Comments and suggested improvements may be sent to: c&ptraining@va.gov.